Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Freelancing: A Life Changing

About 2 years ago, I attempted to be a full-time freelancer considering that a former client was willing to support it. The only problem was that, I couldn't really convince my wife. Even telling all the benefits we could gain with it. But the notion of financial insecurities and job instability stifled in her mindset. And so I stayed and continued working in a rat race world.

How it Began

Me and my wife decided to erect our dream house so I took the chance of getting a housing loan which is one of the benefits of being an employee thru a local government agency (PAGIBIG). We prepared all the necessary documents until it was approved. The building materials and labor expenses were blown away in an instant that even our bank savings was sacrificed in order to complete the construction of the house.

My loan amount which is payable within 10 years plus 8-10% monthly interest would slice out almost half of my monthly compensation. Thus it left questions to us particularly to me as a bread winner:

- Will my family survive a decent life during the loan period?
- How can we sustain financial needs when something unfortunate event happens to me or anyone in the family?
- How should I send my son to a reputable school?

With enough contemplation, a promising client and some potential ones, those questions had been answered with the grace and guidance of God. He led me to this greatest and best decision I made in my entire life. From that point, I began my journey as a Freelance Web Developer.

Health and Fitness

When I was in a 9-6 working schedule from Monday to Friday, it's rare to do some workout to stay fit and healthy. Even though I frustratingly wanted to, time won't allow it.  How about weekends? No no no... those days are dedicated to my family.

Every time I wake up I need to prepare myself to go to work. Then spend 1-2 hours with the traffic jam and badly endure the pollution.  By the time for lunch in the office, I have to eat to the nearest fast-food chain (you know how inadvisable to often eat from it). After office hours, another travel time to get back home.

Now in contrast, I manage to stay fit and healthy inside our very home. I bought necessary and basic equipment including dumbbells, jumping rope and exercise mat. I do random workout 15-30 minutes 2-3 times a week.

Also while working, extra exercise or stretching in between helps to keep the tasks moving forward. And of-course eating a healthy meal cooked by my wife; served hot and fresh.

Longer Working Hours Yet More Time With Family

As a freelancer, I do work at home between 4pm - 4am. It could be sometimes earlier and sometimes late. Every tasks I could delivery within that span of time and even when in strenuous state, I find time to get a simple and sweet moment with my son or wife. Have a greet and kiss then hug or even quirk.

That's also how I shrugged-off stress. When the time they are asleep, and to keep myself awake, I do practice pomodoro technique which is truly effective. I'll tackle this into another post, how I self-reminded using the said technique.

This is Only the Beginning

I am fully aware that freelancing is not a work but a business to deal with. Hard work, dedication and love of God. Are my keys to success. Freelancing is truly a life changing for better.

Are you a freelance web developer? Hit the comment and share your inspiring story.