Silverstripe Developer

I'm a Filipino Web Developer with more than 6 years corporate work experience and just recently decided to push my luck into freelancing. It's been already roughly 6 months upon establishing this blog.

I'm also a father of a 5-year old scrupulous son and a husband. As an aspiring technopreneur, my freelancing journey would be my stepping-stones to it.  My goal into financial freedom, to secure the future and quality life of my family.

I work at home and I have a  room served as my office to eliminate distractions. It contains a table which I assembled out of leftover woods, a monitor and 2 laptops. I primarily use the laptop one loaded with Ubuntu Linux and hooked up with a 23-inch monitor. The other one served as a backup laptop which is in Windows OS also used for IE browser testing and PSD to HTML conversion. I have plans to acquire a MacBook Pro or Mac Mini in the future and additional 23-inch monitor.

This blog will be my primary journal on my freelance projects, project management, web security, tools, hacking, code snippets, gadgets and anything that gets along. I'm currently interested in Ruby and Go. So if you find my blog interesting and you're a fellow freelancer, drop me a message at me[at]ordinarywebguy[dot]com and let us share our thoughts together and change the world (or ourselves) better.

You can also find me on these links:!/ordinarywebguy

Or grab a copy of my resume here:

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